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John Atorino is a music associate with Samuel French Inc. where he edits and engraves in Finale and Sibelius for various musical theater titles.  He arranges music for the NYU Men’s Glee Club where he is the artistic director and for the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus where he is the assistant conductor.

He studied music education and music theory at University of Michigan-Ann-Arbor (B.M.), and at New York University (M.A.) where he wrote his thesis on using technology in the music classroom.  He taught for 10 years in the public and private school music classrooms of Chelsea, MI, Chicago, IL, Ridgewood, NJ, and New York City focusing on music composition and vocal music.  Throughout his teaching career, he arranged and transcribed any song his students wanted to sing or play.

He arranges privately for middle school, high school, and college choir and vocal ensembles as well as community choruses.  Most notably, John conducted the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus singing his commissioned arrangement of “Say Something” at the 2016 GALA Festival in Denver, Colorado.  Most recently, John has launched Subdivided Music Press – a music publishing company for various projects geared toward choir conductors, musicians, and music teachers.